Lot Sales
Endowment Fund


The Linden Cemetery Association conducts the business of the Linden Cemetery, and provides for its upkeep.The Association Board has five or more Directors which elects the President, Vice President, Secretary-Sexton, and Treasurer from within for a term of one year.A Director may be removed from the Board by a two-thirds majority vote of the full Board of Directors.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations


Lot Dimensions - The size of a full grave lot is 30’ x 13’; one-half lot is 15’ x 13’; and one-quarter lot is 7-1/2’ x 13’ feet. Each full lot contains space for eight graves.:

Lot Availability -  All graves are sold in multiples of two. Single grave sales are based solely upon availability.

Sale Terms - Graves are sold for cash (or check). Current prices are available from the Secretary-Sexton. Payment in full must be made prior to any burial. Upon full payment, a Certificate of Ownership for the lot will be issued.

Lot Prices - The prices of Cemetery lots my change without notice at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Interment Fee - The Cemetery charges an Interment Administrative Fee for each grave opening for the purpose of administration, cleaning, leveling, planting grass and initial maintenance of the grave site.

Transfer and Assignments - Lots, partial lots and/or graves may be transferred and assigned for any value not to exceed the original purchaser’s price at the time of the initial sale.


Plantings - No shrub, tree, perennial, and/or annual may be planted on any lot, partial lot, or grave which ever reaches a height of more than 4 feet. Plantings may not encroach on adjacent lots or graves. Trimming and shaping of these plants is the responsibility of lot owners. Plants violating these requirements, or which become unsightly or hazardous, may be cause for them to be trimmed and/or removed.

Corner stones - Corner stones are required to be deep enough in the ground that lawn mowers may pass easily over their top.

Foundations and Monuments - To insure uniform quality and adherence to the Cemetery’s construction code, Linden Cemetery Association contractors exclusively construct monument foundations. Cost is calculated by per cubic foot of concrete, and is billed by the Association prior to construction.Foundations must consist of poured concrete 36” deep for monuments 56” or greater in length and/or 48”or greater in height. All monument foundations less than 56” in length and/or 48” in height must consist of poured concrete no less than 30” deep.Foundations and/or monuments may not encroach on an adjoining lot. However, foundations must extend 6" beyond the monument's base. The Sexton approves all monument locations prior to the installation of the foundation.

Vandalism - The Cemetery is not responsible for vandalism, or the maintenance of grave stones, monuments, or mausoleums.

Vaults and Cremains - A burial vault is required for all interments; however, cremains are exempt but must be interred in a Cemetery-approved solid container, and may not be scattered above ground.

Compliance - Ignorance of these restrictions does not exonerate lot and/or grave owners from compliance.